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 Rotor Impact Mill (RPMV/RPMX) 


The BHS rotor impact mill is a high-performance crusher with a vertical shaft that addresses the needs of the recycling industry. The mill’s unique impeller rotor works together with a toothed anvil ring to subject the inserted material to severe mechanical stress. Material compounds are crushed and separated selectively, entangled materials are isolated, and brittle-hard materials are crushed very finely. At the same time, metals are shaped into balls and cleaned.


Unique crushing principle

The impeller rotor of the BHS rotor impact mill is the only one of its kind in the world. The circumferential speed of the rotor generates centrifugal forces that deliver a high energy load to the inserted material, which is intensely processed by the impact and shear forces caused by the crushing tools. As a result of the rotation, a near-permanent gap is created between the tips of the horseshoe-shaped impellers and the anvil ring. Once the material has been reduced to a size that fits through this gap, it exits the crushing zone.
The machine can be optimally adjusted to customer requirements using the rotor speed and the variable annular gap.


Two versions of the rotor impact mill

There are two versions of the rotor impact mill. The RPMV model has a proven track record as a ball shaper with a selective crushing effect in the recycling industry. The RPMX model is a turbo-ball shaper. It is used for the recovery of valuable materials that have previously been considered too fine and thus difficult to process, such as cable strands.
For both types of models, there are several machine sizes available with different performance characteristics.


Rotor impact mill of type RPMV – the ball shaper

The RPMV has proven itself in separating composites, crushing brittle components, and shaping metals into balls with particle sizes from 5 to 30 mm.
Rotor impact mill of type RPMX – the turbo-ball shaper
A higher circumferential speed and the considerably smaller grinding gap characterize the RPMX. This feature set makes it ideal for ball shaping and separating composite parts with particle sizes from 0 to 15 mm.


Typical application scenarios
  • Cleaning metals and shaping them into balls
  • Exposing and shaping NF-metals into balls
  • Separating composite materials
  • Separated entangled material mixtures
  • Finely crushing brittle-hard materials
  • Shredding elastic materials into particles


Customer trials at the BHS technical centre
At our BHS technical centre in Sonthofen, we use the rotor impact mills of types RPMV and RPMX to perform industrial-scale tests on customer-specific materials.

Rotor impact mill type RPMV
Rotor impact mill type RPMX