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Waste Shredders


 Rotary Shear (VR) 

The Rotary Shear is a low-speed, high-torque, twin-shaft shredder. The machine is suitable for the shredding of bulky materials (e.g. domestic, commercial, and bulky waste) or ductile input material (e.g. tires, cables, plastic film, paper, textiles) using cutting tools. It also reduces high-volume input materials and items with a large unit weight. At the same time, the Rotary Shear reliably achieves an extremely high shredding ratio.

Located in a robust housing, two counter-rotating rotor shafts take hold of the input material. Each shaft is equipped with a row of precisely manufactured cutting tools which mesh with each other like scissors. Gripper hooks are located at the tip of each tool to ensure the fast and reliable feeding of the material. Scrapers are located beneath the shafts to prevent material from adhering to the rotating cutting tools. The particle size of the final product depends on which cutting tool width is selected.