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Waste Shredders

 Preshredder (VSR) 




The right tool for tough shredding tasks

The pre-shredder is a low-speed, high-torque twin-shaft crusher. Because of its special blade geometry, it is suited for the tearing pre-shredding of very large or voluminous materials (such as domestic, industrial, commercial, bulky and construction waste).

Both rotor shafts engage the feed material. The shafts rotate alternately inward and outward. Each shaft is equipped with several tearing tools. The rotating tearing shaft assembly is surrounded by a stationary tearing table. Scrapers on the table prevent the material from coiling up or adhering to the machine. The shredding takes place between the rotating tearing tools and the tearing table or crossbeam and scraper. During processing, the machine automatically carries out a sequence involving different directions of rotation. As soon as the feed material has reached the desired size, it exits the machine through the bottom.

The machine housing is constructed as a highly robust welding assembly. The design of the bearing shell bridges is a special feature unique to BHS. It allows operators to quickly exchange the rotor shafts. The revolving and stationary tools consist of high-grade materials that can be regenerated by means of simple surfacing jobs. The drive is equipped with generously dimensioned hydraulic gears. The low-maintenance machine is built to last for many years.