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 Hydraulic Reel Splitter HRSM 




The Reel splitter was developed for cutting defective or
surplus paper reels. The material is cut into small pieces enabling processing in a pulper or baler. Characteristic of these machines is their simple, proven construction, operation, and control.



The cutter height is adjustable and secured in its highest and lowest positions by means of end switches. The cutter is also protected by means of a hydraulic pressure circuit.
The cutter is driven by two specially constructed cylinders with synchronized movement. The cylinders are fitted with two guide shafts for better distribution of the powers over the cylinder.

Cutting is controlled by an optical switch, so that manual setting of the core diameter is not necessary.

The HRSM can be equipped with a deposit table, a lifting device and a conveyor system. The conveyors
can transport material in both directions, so that the paper can be cut into small pieces.