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You have the waste, we offer the solution. Scratch Recycling Solutions is your reliable partner in waste treatment. From a single machine to a turn-key sorting plant, ready to use. We are a young and dynamic organisation but disposing of a long year and a vast experience in the waste industry. By offering the cleverest solutions and an optimal after sales, Scratch Recycling Solutions offers you a carefree waste treatment.


Great in size reduction: our crushers and shredders

You want to shred and crush materials without worries?  We help you with standalone equipment or turn-key solution. Shredders determine the quality of the product and subsequently the efficiency of the sorting plant. We offer shredders with the lowest operational costs possible. Whether you simply want to reduce or separate materials, for instance metal parts encapsulated in incinerated bottom ash.




Flexible waste streams: our logistic solutions

With our equipment and experience we get the most out of new and existing sorting plants. On top we offer clever solutions for the compacting and transporting of your waste, which increases the rentability. 

Our equipment for a successful separation

Overband magnets, drum magnets and related solutions are a proven way of separating metal parts.  Our approach differs by the right placing of the equipment and making the necessary modifications.

Safety first: our personal protection systems

We offer you an innovative system with additional guarantees for the safety of your employees. Baler and shredder operators are being exposed to danger daily. The safety requirements of the EU-machine norm do not protect the employees sufficiently, for instance when a person cannot move anymore. 


Waste treatment without obstacles; for us it goes without saying. Standing still costs money. By cooperating with its partners’ service departments, Scratch Recycling Solutions ensures an oiled process in your company. To guarantee continuity, we work very closely together with AREC Projects. AREC Projects assists us with the engineering of the best solutions for our customers. 
Interested in what we can achieve for you? 
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